Walter's Photography provides high quality school portrait photography and printing services. 

Products: We offer a variety of picture packages and photo products. 

Backgrounds:  We normally provide a choice of 3-4 backgrounds.  We use the highest quality backgrounds available.  These are "real" backgrounds.  We do not use greenscreen, virtual or other "projection" systems.  We believe that "real" is better and leads to fewer issues.

Fundraising: If fundraising is an important aspect of your "picture day", we can customize our order form to suit your school.  If we have sent you a proposal,  the attached order form is our base prices.  Any amount may be added to the picture packages in the top section.  Even with fundraising added, our prices are very competitive. 

Turnaround Time:  Turnaround time depends on the size of the job, usually no more than 2 weeks.


For more information or a proposal request, please contact us at 482-4614 or email


To view additional samples, please visit our PhotoReflect site.


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